I Teach People How To Grow Food Naturally,

without chemicals or overwhelm so they can see through the dodgy messaging of supermarkets, fast food joints and other polluters and live a life that's cleaner, calmer, and lower in carbon.

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In My Own Garden I aim to revolutionize your connection with plants

We are terrible gardeners. I don’t mean you and me, I mean ‘we’ as a culture. Although I might mean you… Do you get your gardening advice from:

  • Random people on the internet?
  • The team members at your local hardware store?
  • Any relative who learned to garden in the 70s with chemicals?

This was me before I studied horticulture. I had no way of knowing whether the information I was being given was true or not. I mean, it could have been…

Then I discovered the science of botany and came up with a useful set of guidelines for my plants in my own garden. I learned how to stop being an overworked plant parent and start partnering with nature. It’s cheaper. It’s easier. And it’s better for the planet.

About Larissa.

On November 6 2016, if it was green I wanted it dead (I had been a parent living aboard a wooden yacht and a maritime engineer). The next day, I moved with my husband and two young sons to India. The day after that, in an effort to stamp out corruption the government declared all our cash illegal. In a foreign country, with no money, for weeks we relied on the kindness of new friends and I resolved to learn how to grow my own food so I could provide for my family...


This journey was not as easy as the internet promised. I'd like to make it easier for you

Potted Basil

How to grow basil in your kitchen?